Expect Schroader’s Name to Keep Coming Up
January 13, 2016

Good grief, Schroeder. You’re back in the news.

And just when we thought we’d heard the last of the guy.

Fallout from the Adelson family’s December purchase of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and its relationship with Connecticut newspaper publisher Michael Schroeder surfaced Tuesday morning in District Court in the bruising wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former Sands Macau casino executive Steve Jacobs.

The accusations are getting so ugly I’d suggest Schroeder consider changing his name, but look at all the trouble he got into the last time he tried that.

Under the pseudonym “Edward Clarkin,” Schroeder published a story Dec. 2 in his New Britain Herald newspaper that focused generally on business court but specifically and inaccurately attacked District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez in far-away Clark County. The article by our man in Connecticut was larded with arguably plagiarized material and questionable sourcing. It also failed to mention Schroeder was manager of the limited liability company that was purchasing the Review-Journal.

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