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Sheldon Adelson Takes Stand in Former CEO Wrongful Firing Case
May 2, 2015

Billionaire and casino owner Sheldon Adelson testified in court on Friday, as former CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp. subsidiary Sands China had accused the gambling operator of being involved in illegal activities.

Steven Jacobs, former CEO of Sands China, claimed that he was wrongfully fired back in 2010, due to the fact that he objected to payments to a high-standing Macau official, as those might have been considered violation of the US anti-bribery laws.

Furthermore, the former executive suggested that Mr. Adelson’s company was related to the triads, one of the many branches of Chinese organized crime.

The owner of Las Vegas Sands said on Friday that Mr. Jacobs’ claims were groundless and accused him of tarnishing the reputation of the gambling company by placing wrongful accusations in media.

It seems, however, that Mr. Adelson was not willing to reveal more information about the activities of the casino operator, as he gave evasive answers to James Pisanelli, the lawyer who represented Mr. Jacobs in court. At some point, the casino mogul was even warned by Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez that he could not argue with her, after he did not acknowledge the ownership of a certain email, which was presumably signed by him.

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