Avoiding a Business Foul: Practical Steps to Dodge Business Litigation
March 2, 2017

The best litigation for business decision makers is the litigation that never happens. Court cases are time-consuming, expensive and take a business owner’s mind off business. The best way to avoid litigation? Document everything, know your obligations and be certain your protections are in place.

“It sounds a little simplistic, but I would say, know your legal obligations, comply with them, and most important, create documentation of your compliance,” said Lee Roberts of Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial.

“Most litigation arises out of the business disputes with a party you’re doing business with, and it’s almost always about money,” said Roberts.

Step one in keeping a business out of litigation is to make certain the rights and obligations of both sides of a deal are documented. Whether with a formal contract created by a lawyer or a memo of understanding, or even a letter sent to the other side, it’s important there be some form of written documentation.

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